5 Minute Social Marketing

5 Minute Social Media MarketingNo matter how busy you are, believe me when I say that you have time for social media marketing. The beauty of social campaigns is that they don’t have to be managed all in one go; you can knock certain parts out in quick little segments throughout the day. A few minutes here and there can make a huge difference! Here are things you can do in just 5 minutes to improve your social marketing efforts:

Set up feeds

Think of this like setting your accounts to auto-pilot. Take a few minutes to look for feeds that you feel will connect with your followers and are relevant to your business. Once you set these up, they’ll curate content for you so that you don’t have to spend your day constantly writing or finding things to post. You can set up automated feeds for just about everything from Twitter to Email – you can find tools to help you do this here.

Update Your Profiles

A few spot checks here and there can go a long way. The sooner you update your information after something has changed, the better your social profiles can serve your customers. It also looks good when you keep your followers informed of what’s happening with your office/shop/etc. Post pictures of an item that’s on sale, or change your Facebook cover photo to match the season. Small details like this give the impression that you’re on top of things – even if you’re only spending 5 minutes a day on social.


Probably the most important thing you can do is actually engage with your online audience. Take a quick look on your pages to see if anyone has left comments or asked you questions, and write a personalized response. You can also comment on things to engage with other local businesses or causes. The more active your pages are, the better it looks. Even just liking other pages on Facebook puts your business name out there for other people to see.

Share Content

Anytime you read anything online, keep a lookout for things you think your customers would want to know about. With most blogs and news sites having social share buttons these days, it only takes a few clicks to share great content with your audience. Everyone loves a shout-out, and when you mention other people or their work, they’re likely to return the favor.

Create Your Own Content

This one may seem like the most daunting task, but it really isn’t. If you use social media personally, then you know just how quick it is to send out a Tweet, or share a pic on Instagram. Think of this as having a podium from which you can voice your opinion about your business, your customers, your industry, etc. This is also a good chance to ask your audience how THEY feel on certain subjects.

Be Proactive

Instead of always waiting for people to come to you, try reaching out to them first by keyword searching relevant topics. Say you run a boutique hotel in Miami, Florida. If you do a Twitter search for “Miami” and/or “vacation”, you’re bound to find people talking about upcoming trips. Why not reach out to them in a Tweet, asking them to consider booking with you if they haven’t finalized their lodging yet? This is a great opportunity to broaden your fan base by being friendly and helpful.

About Sara Vodak

With her love of interacting with people, staying trend savvy, and pictures of cute animals, Sara has found a home on Supermedia's social media team after studying interactive media at the University of Texas. Starting with the company in 2011, she currently moderates all of Superpages.com social profiles. Focusing mainly on content, photography/video, and social marketing, Sara's knowledge-base spans just a little bit of everything (making her an amazing trivia team pick).

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