5 Tips for Creating Click-Worthy Text Graphics

rectangle_graphicWe recently wrote about a simple way to create a text graphic — but just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean anything goes. You still need to create a graphic that’s easily readable and appealing to the eye to increase the chances it will be shared by others.

Here’s what to keep in mind.

  1. Make sure the background imagery doesn’t interfere with reading your text. When in doubt, go with a plain background, like this chalkboard.
  2. Choose a font reflective of your message. A whimsical font suits a playful message, but a basic font is better for a serious message. If you’re going with a chalkboard background, choose a chalk-like font, like PicMonkey’s Eraser Dust.
  3. For small graphics — but not longer infographics — keep your word count down. The shorter your message, the more likely it will be read.
  4. Opt for high contrast. Don’t choose a pale green background and then use a pale blue font. A brighter green background and a white font will pop more.
  5. If all goes well, your graphic will be shared beyond your platforms. So be sure to brand it to lead readers back to you.
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