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    • Ek
      Jul 09 - 8:44 am

      Good list all but the Yelp and side of it. Those are now hurting your website organic results rather then helping the. The whole “conspiracy” behind Yelp taking money to “bump your negative reviews” down. The other problem with Yelp is that its at their discretion as to who they place and where you rank. Google no longer agrees with this method. They want to be the top-dog, and of course why should they not be. Hence why another person said “google places”.

      Although I fully agree and support #3 again, I do not agree some of the websites you listed. As they hurt more then help your rankings.

      But again other then that Spot on! Great list and even though what we know today can change tomorrow for now this list is true.

      • Keith Brown
        Jul 09 - 10:51 am

        I disagree that links from Yelp, or any other “trusted” website would hurt organic rankings. Google may not rank those website as highly anymore (for example it may demote URL so that Google places results show up higher) but a link from Yelp will still help your website in the long run. This list is all about activities that will help your website gain more visibility. Your theory is to give up great backlinks because they are competing with Google?

  2. Miguel G
    Jun 12 - 10:39 pm

    Good list…I like the comment about investing in good pics and video …good note…

  3. Maneet Puri
    Jun 13 - 8:11 am

    Nice Post! These 8 steps are some of the most essential steps that lead to an active business website. However, I would like to add that popular search engines like Google recommend a responsive web design for your website. A responsive web design makes sure that your website is a hit amongst the audience you wish to target. I totally agree with you that Optimization is a continuous process, which never ends!

  4. Phe Le
    Jun 21 - 12:43 pm

    Hey, don’t forget about Google Plus.

    • Jim Olan
      Aug 14 - 10:28 pm

      Phe, good point.

      I could certainly imagine Google pushing Google + value to the search results!!!

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  7. Cusco
    Nov 29 - 5:13 pm

    Sure the steps you mention are good, but some of them are difficult to follow, for example, good content, most of small business doesn’t have a budget to hire a writer to elaborate his content, another problem is that social media can be overwhelming, especially when picking out the platform to choose. Also, because you have to take a time to publish information on all your social networks and most of the time you don’t know what to publish to help your business.

    • Marion Jacobson
      Nov 30 - 2:36 pm

      Good points! I think small businesses are focused on the right things. And, increasingly, they are outsourcing for their marketing needs. We often hear “I don’t have the time to manage a Facebook page, or build up my blog. Can’t you do it for me?”

    • Shawn Wentworth
      Dec 12 - 4:30 pm

      You really dont have to spend that much time writing content. Perhaps a few minutes a day. The key is to write or blog what you know, whether its products, the industry itself, specific tools, new markets, old markets pros and cons, the days events or customer feed back. Make it real and your own.

      Also, WordPress is a free medium (you just have to pay for the hosting) where you can develop your own look and feel for a blog space and link it to your web page and vice versa. Here is where you put in those little buttons for people to share, follow and give you +1′s. Your customers spread your word for you. Gather emails and when you do promotional compaigns, put that blog in a P.S.

      Hope this helps.

      • Marion Jacobson
        Dec 12 - 4:35 pm

        Hey thanks for your comment Shawn!

        And I agree with you, self-hosted WordPress blogs are my choice for small businesses.

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