About Brandon Tompkins

I am part of Dex Media's Digital Marketing group as the Senior Manager of Mobile and Performance Products. I help create and maintain our mobile performance products here at Dex Media. I also assist with our consumer platform as a stakeholder to help ensure that both our client and consumer experiences are accounted for in development. I am a lover of everything mobile, avid gamer, and can never get enough travel.

The Mobile Marketing Landscape for 2014 [Infographic]


57 percent of users won’t recommend companies with poor mobile websites. This is according to a new infographic from WebDAM that shows where mobile marketing is heading. There were some interesting statistics that I found in this infographic. 52 percent of users have an Android operating system, but Apple is still the most popular smartphoneContinue Reading …

Mobile – How to Get Started

Responsive Design for Websites

Mobile – its the next huge thing! Mobile – you should already be doing it! Mobile – if you are not doing it already, you are late! Mobile – its where your customers/clients are! Mobile – it is search. We know, we heard, we should all be doing mobile. Awesome. What does that mean? SomeContinue Reading …

How Mobile Can Help Your Small Retail Business

Mobile Technology in Your Business

So you have this device in your hand that is more powerful than the computer in your office. You can make calls, check your email, play games, now what? I came across an interesting use of an iPad this week when I went to a pie shop here in Dallas. They were using the iPadContinue Reading …

Mobile Offers – What You Need to Know

Mobile coupons and offers

Mobile offers; what are they, are they coupons, what do I do with them? I am going to assume that you have already jumped on the mobile marketing/advertising bandwagon. What goes along with your mobile presence is mobile offers (and yes, those are mobile coupons too!). There are a few things that you should knowContinue Reading …

Small Businesses Mobilize [Infographic]

Small Businesses Mobilize

The key to reaching as many of your customer as possible is ensuring that they can find you.  Today many consumers are on the go searching on their mobile device.  Do you have a mobile version of your website?  Have you checked out how your website looks on your smartphone? Intuit recently released a great infographic about mobilizing your smallContinue Reading …

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