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One Small Business’s Approach to Social Media — with Impressive Results

small business facebook page

Out of Print has a unique product and a unique approach to social media. The New York-based retail company takes the covers of the world’s most beloved books and puts them on T-shirts, phone cases and more. Their products are online and available wholesale, and for every item sold, they donate one book to a community inContinue Reading …

Facebook Page Got You Down? It’s Time to Take Another Look at Google+

why google+ matters

Facebook recently made a change in their algorithm that spells not-so-great news for Facebook business pages. Essentially, your posts will be shown to fewer of your followers — unless you pay for Facebook ads. The news has many marketers quaking in their boots. The social media team here isn’t quaking … yet. But we’re keepingContinue Reading …

8 Tips for Creating a Productive Office Workspace, Backed by Science


When you’re dragging at work, what do you do? Let me guess: Grab some coffee or head to the vending machine for a sugar-laden pick-me-up. I don’t judge. In fact, I just moseyed over to the vending machine myself. (For the record, I walked away from it empty-handed. Never mind that I slathered a bunchContinue Reading …

Double Your Twitter Followers Fast [Infographic]

Increase Twitter followers

Much like the Pinterest infographic I recently posted, I have my doubts that it’s feasible to double your followers (without paying for them) anywhere in under five minutes. But there’s some really solid advice worth taking in this infographic from WhoIsHostingThis! Here are five key take-ways: Optimize your bio! This is a pet peeve ofContinue Reading …

Double Your Pinterest Followers in Just 5 Minutes a Day? [Infographic]

Double Your Pinterest Followers

Doubling your Pinterest followers — or any followers — is no small feat. So, in my opinion, the jury is still out on whether it can be done in five minutes, as this infographic promises. But that doesn’t change the fact that this is one of the most thorough, helpful infographics I’ve ever seen aboutContinue Reading …

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