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Mobile Web Versus Mobile Apps – Which is more useful for SMB’s today?

Marketing For The iPad

I hear this question a lot from business owners and SMB marketers.  Several companies have recently started offering mobile application development services for small businesses.  While the quality of the app design and experiences appears to widely differ, one thing that is constant is that nearly all of these solutions create a mobile website thatContinue Reading …

Why Small Businesses Should Worry About Mobile

Why small businesses should have a mobile website

Many people will say that 2011 was the Year of Mobile.  Smartphone sales have surged with some Android and Apple devices now available at little to no cost with carrier contracts.  According to eMarketer there were over 90M smartphone users in the U.S. in 2011.  By the end of 2012 that number is expected toContinue Reading …

Is It Time To Give Up Customer Loyalty?

Is It Time To Give Up Customer Loyalty

Here’s how things stand from the small business customer relationship angle. We always try to remain loyal to our customers whatever happens. During these tough economic times, all of our customers are looking for the best prices they can get, anywhere they can. Businesses are cutthroating each other, and going out of business because ofContinue Reading …

How To Make The Most Out Of Mobile

How To Make The Most Out Of Mobile

In a world that seems to go more and more mobile every day, catering to the 5.3 billion mobile subscribers (77 percent of the world population) through mobile advertising is essential, and it can help to know some of the most effective ways to reach these subscribers. One of these methods is a properly craftedContinue Reading …

Meeting Your Sales Targets

Meeting Your Sales Targets

If you want to meet your sales targets, you need to follow some tried and true rules to make sure you meet them every month. Here are some tips to help you meet your goals and add new clients, too. Prospect for new clients every week. Sure, you have existing clients, and they make upContinue Reading …

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