Why You Should Be Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics

I love the Internet because it has amazing tools for everyone. If you have the desire to research a subject, any search engine will dig up more than enough results to whet your appetite. Often the information you seek is complex and you can be overwhelmed with results. It’s not that the answer you seekContinue Reading …

How to Improve Your Customer Service

Best Customer Service

There is sometimes a disparity in how we present ourselves offline and online in business.  It can be hard to translate everything you do offline into the online world but it is a goal worth striving for. As people continue to engage more with businesses online it is very important that you have the veryContinue Reading …

Free Tools to Spy On Your Competition

Competitor Analysis

One of the many reasons I love the Internet is the sheer number of resourceful tools that businesses have at their fingertips.  Before the advent of the Internet, if you wanted to spy on your competitors, you would either have to read public documents, play secret shopper, or shamefully rummage through their garbage. Nowadays youContinue Reading …

3 Easy Ways to Monitor Your Effectiveness Online

Stay Alert

An infographic recently published shows that there are now more web users than ever, and they spend less time and view fewer pages every time they visit a site.  This means that understanding how your customers interact with your business online is more important than ever. Running a business is a lot of hard workContinue Reading …

7 Small Business Website Tips for 2013

Website Tips

There are a lot of factors to consider when building a great small business website.  Fortunately, here at SuperMedia, we have a team of experts that can take ideas from concept to production with aplomb.  Below are some of our subject matter experts sharing what they feel is the single most important tip when creatingContinue Reading …

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