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I'm either a consummate marketer with a flair for engineering code, or a pretty good engineer with a special talent for marketing. Either way, it works and where those two dance is my sphere: mobile internet and mobile marketing. Originally birthed from Marketing and Search Engine Optimization and all other sorts of Internet and Mobile Marketing Applications (email, sms, mobile web, application development). Connect with me on Google Plus James C. Johnson

Why Your Mobile Marketing Sucks

A Plethora of Mobile Traffic!

I’m borrowing the title theme of Your Marketing Sucks by Mark Stevens, which is a great read and highly recommended, but it won’t tell you about your mobile marketing efforts sucking, which I’m about to hate on right now.  Alright, so you’re starting to feel good about your marketing efforts for your small business, you’veContinue Reading …

A Better Setup of Google+ Local for Small Business Owners in 5 Steps

This is a screen grab for setting up a google local places account for small businesses.

A solid Google+ Local listing (formerly known as Google Places) for your business is very necessary to online and mobile marketing for your business.  If you’re a brick and mortar shop or even a business that operates out of your home, your local listing within the Google local database is essential to your marketing mix. Continue Reading …

How To Attract Clients

How to Attract Clients

If you want your business to grow, you need to attract more clients. Here are some steps to help attract more clients, no matter what type of business you own. The first step in any marketing campaign is finding your target audience. Dig into your research and uncover what customers your products and services canContinue Reading …

What The Grateful Dead Knew About Marketing

What do the Grateful Dead have in common with marketing? More than you might think. Sure, they’re an iconic rock band, but they were marketing pioneers, too. Follow some of their marketing ploys to turn around your business. You have to create your own business model that’s unique. The Dead didn’t focus on selling theirContinue Reading …

Marketing Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make

Everyone makes marketing mistakes when they market their business. Here are some that you can’t afford to make when you market your business. Keeping the plan you have. If your marketing plan is good enough today, that doesn’t mean it will be good enough tomorrow. Staying ahead of the game is the way to makeContinue Reading …

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