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3 Must-Know Metrics for Your Small Business Website

Track with 3 Starting Positions Small

We know you want to make maximum money with minimum effort on your website. So we put together this bottom-line, don’t-bother-me-with-details, just-tell-me-what-I-need-to-know list of three metrics that show if a local-business website is doing its job. 1. Conversion rate The point of your site is to attract visitors, then convert them into leads for ultimateContinue Reading …

Guide to Customer Relationship Management Software for Small Business

Nimble CRM Software Screenshot Montage

Customer relationship management software, CRM software, sales force automation software, leads management software, contact management software, channel management software. Many names, many vendors but bottom line these tools should help you organize your sales operation so you miss fewer sales opportunities and close more deals – without driving you to the vendor’s help desk.  WeContinue Reading …

Why Your Customers Don’t Read Your Marketing Emails

Email Inbox Image

Because the subject lines on your messages aren’t motivating customers to click the darn messages to open them, that’s why!  So let’s hold a little Email Subject Line Boot Camp right here and now. First, the Testing Disclaimer: No subject line idea is guaranteed to work for your business unless you test it. Testing oneContinue Reading …

Simple A/B Testing to Rev Up Your Email Marketing

A B Blocks

Two Big Truths of online marketing are 1) small changes, like changing a green button to red, can increase clicks by users, sometimes by a lot…and 2) nobody can reliably predict which small changes will produce big results. So smart online marketers are constantly testing tweaks to their email messages. You should too, and it’sContinue Reading …

7 Tips for Lead Generation Forms That Generate Leads

Basecamp Web Form Featured Image

You attracted a potential client to your website with a special offer. Your next challenge is to get the newbie to fill out that form on your site with some personal info so your sales team can go after the lead. Here are seven tips for creating effective website lead generation forms, gathered from theContinue Reading …

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