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Google Analytics Solutions Gallery – Free, Powerful, and Calling Your Name

Google Analytics Dashboards

There have been many developments with Google Analytics (GA), and the short and overdue message is that you need to be using it – or some type of analytics tool with similar functionality.  A recent blog post outlined all you need to know to add Google Analytics on your website or blog.  It’s free, quick,Continue Reading …

4 Ways To Use Google Search Operators as an SMB

Google Search Operators

What is a “Google Search Operator” you ask? We use Google every day, almost as instinctively as we grab for the car keys or change the station on the television – but did you know that there are certain modifiers that can be added to a search that completely change the results you get?  ThisContinue Reading …

Long Tail Keywords – How People Are Finding Your Website

Long-Tail SEO

So what is a long tail keyword?  The State of Search defines a long tail keyword phrase as having 2 properties that I feel sum it up well.  1) It has to be fairly long, at least 3 words and 2) have a low volume of search requests. Long tail keyword terms rarely make theContinue Reading …

DNS Services – Scam Alert on Your Domain Name

Example of fake bill

There are multiple companies out there who send domain “expiration” or “registration” notices to small businesses, in an effort to gain control of their domain names. One that just showed up in my mailbox is a campaign from “DNS Services” in Vancouver, Washington. They have sent out invoices via  postal (snail) mail to solicit unwarrantedContinue Reading …

Understanding Browser Cookies – Part 1

Browser cookies

As a data analytics evangelist and advocate of learning about web and mobile properties by watching the fingerprints of those who use it, I’m always interested in helping people understand browser cookies and help dispel the fear and uncertainty surrounding their use. What is a cookie? Cookies are very small scripts that are placed onContinue Reading …

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