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Web developer at DexMedia. I code, develop, and make websites functional. Technology is always changing and new things pop up, that is what makes it so fun!

Computer Science Education Week

hour of code

Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) is an annual program focused on inspiring students to take an interest in computer science. During its run this year (December 9-15), students all over the world were invited to try computer science through an Hour of Code. This event reached 10 million students in 170 countries, exposing them to programmingContinue Reading …

History of Web Design [Infographic]


Web design has been in a state of constant evolution since 1996. New technologies have encouraged changes in web standards, and the way developers design and code websites. Here’s a graphical representation of the major trends over the past 17 years. Beginning of 1996 People used dial-up Internet access with speeds of 28.8Kbps to 33.6Kbps.Continue Reading …

Mobile Website vs. Mobile Apps – What’s the Difference?


Earlier this year, Emily discussed the Benefits of Choosing a Mobile Website over an App. To recap, a mobile website is viewed in a browser, requires an internet connection, and has been optimized for handheld devices and tablets. An application, on the other hand, is downloaded to the device and may work offline depending onContinue Reading …

Blogging and Battlestar Galactica


“Blogging” is a well known term these days, and continues to grow in popularity. A recent stat shows WordPress now runs 18.9% of the web, which is up 2.2% from last year (2012). Blogging has come a long way since the initial days of its conception. In February, at Dallas ComicCon in Dallas, Texas, threeContinue Reading …

What is Web Accessibility and How Does it Affect Your Website?


Web. The final frontier. These are the voyages of a caffeine-infused web developer. My continuing mission: To explore everything social media related. To seek out new ways to make the web better, and accessible by all. To boldly go where everyone has gone before! WCAG 2.0, 508 Compliance, and Web Accessibility In the web developmentContinue Reading …

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