About Reace Smith

Reace Alvarenga Smith, APR, is a Senior Staff Consultant-Employee Communications at SuperMedia. She is tasked with sharing stories about the company with employees, linking company strategy to day-to-day work, as well as developing communications and initiatives to manage the company culture. Reace has worked in the PR field for travel, technology and retail clients. She previously served as public relations manager for Texas Health Resources and worked for prominent PR agencies such as Fleishman-Hillard and Fogarty, Klein, Monroe. She also worked as a media relations specialist for Children’s Medical Center of Dallas.

Fake Social Media Profiles not Worth the Risk

Fake Social Media Persona

A scandal erupted in the Dallas-Fort Worth area when a hired PR person began using fake social media profiles to comment on a particularly hot topic. When the news broke that many of the commentaries were done in different names by one person, the person’s reputation was in tatters. He damaged his reputation, that ofContinue Reading …

Great Customer Service: Own Up to Your Mistakes

My Bad

Uh oh. Ever have that feeling—the sense of dread of knowing that you messed up? And not just a little bit—a HUGE error. We’ve all done it. But when we make a major mistake, what can we do to help fix it? Julie Shenkman, a writer for EmploymentMatrix.com said in an article, “…sometimes the makingContinue Reading …

Helping Employees Take Ownership

Customer Focus

What does it mean to take ownership? According to Teri Yanovitch, a former trainer for Disney and current customer-service consultant, “Delivering world class service is not a series of techniques, but it is a culture and way of life within an organization. It requires each employee to take ownership of the customer experience by engagingContinue Reading …

Developing Rapport with Customers

Establishing customer rapport

Don’t you love it when you show up at a place you frequent and the manager remembers you? They may not always remember your name, but maybe they mention something you talked about last time you were there, and they let you know they’re happy to see you again. People who provide excellent customer serviceContinue Reading …

Whatever Happened to That Customer?


There’s a saying that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. But what about those who suffer in silence? Did you know that statistically, only about four percent of customers who experience problems actually complain? (Source: Technical Assistance Research Program) If they’re not complaining, what are they doing? They leave. No good-bye, no explanation. Nothing. ButContinue Reading …

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