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Scott Stirling is a Digital Media Marketing Manager at SuperMedia LLC and has seven years of experience in online technology, advertising, and marketing.

Project Management and Social Media Marketing

Social Media Icons

As a small business owner, have you set up social media accounts? If so, are you happy with your social media efforts? Are you engaging with customers and getting new leads? If not, is it because your social media accounts are neglected? Or worse, does it seem out of control with spam or negative orContinue Reading …

Vine – The New Mobile Video App From Twitter


In late January 2013, Twitter launched  a new mobile app called Vine. The Vine app is very similar to the Instagram app (a mobile, social, photo-sharing platform) in format and function, except that instead of sharing photos, Vine allows users to share looped, six-second video clips with audio.  (These videos are “looped” in the sense that theyContinue Reading …

Free Advertising for Small Businesses


The Top Ten List Free Listings for Establishing Your Presence in the Digital World It is a popular and widely accepted benchmark that small businesses should spend between five to ten percent of their sales revenue in promoting and advertising their business each year. For their advertising dollars, owners aim at a mix of the highestContinue Reading …

Do You Have A New Business Tool Kit?

Do you have an inspiration for starting a new small business? Turning that idea or inspiration into a functioning enterprise is possible. The best way to begin is learning from the experience of others, and discovering the right tools and best practices for starting a new business. You may have product experience, passion and a seminal plan, but you’ll need more toContinue Reading …

How Well Do You Know Your Market?

Who are your customers? Knowing your target client audience is one of the most basic aspects of your marketing plan. You can’t plan effectively without knowing the answer, and yet many small business owners play a guessing game when it comes to analyzing their current and potential customers. Products and services fulfill needs. It is oneContinue Reading …

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