Starting A New Small Business

“In this life we get only those things for which we hunt, for which we strive, and for which we are willing to sacrifice.”  – George Matthew Adams You will need to strive and sacrifice for many months in building a small business. Success will not come overnight. Instead, you should plan for continuous progress and improvementContinue Reading …

Why It Is Important To Advertise In A Slow Economy

Why It Is Important To Advertise In A Slow Economy

In the midst of a slow economy, the first reaction of many businesses is to decrease or stop their advertising entirely to reduce expenditures and stay afloat. However, doing this is one of the worst things you can do; advertising during a difficult economy is critical to help bolster sales and increase your bottom line.Continue Reading …

Do You Really Need More Customers To Succeed?

About 50 percent of the profit generated by the average business comes from a core group of repeat customers. If you’re expanding the scope of your brand or entertaining other strategies to attract new business, maybe you should at least consider refocusing your efforts inward. Business strategists are quick to say that it’s harder toContinue Reading …

Successful Sales Call Planning

You can play the sales game a lot of ways. You can even specialize in the “exploratory surgery” style of selling, which relies on luck and quick thinking over in depth research. If this is your preferred plan of attack, sooner or later — probably sooner — you’ll be confronted with a sales misfire thatContinue Reading …

Retirement And Your Small Business

If you have a small business, you’re probably busy trying to grow your investment or just survive until the economy stabilizes. Issues like hiring new employees and putting together guidelines for retirement savings may be on the back burner if they’re on the stove at all. The fact is that many small businesses revolve aroundContinue Reading …

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