Psst! Online Search Beats Word of Mouth for Local Shoppers. Pass It On. [Infographic]

BIA Kelsey Survey Question

Consumers surveyed by respected market research firm BIA/Kelsey said they now turn to online search more than word of mouth for local shopping information, though they still rate friends and family as the most trustworthy information sources on local businesses. Online search also beat word of mouth for follow-through to a purchase.  Some other signsContinue Reading …

The Pros and Cons of Word-of-Mouth Advertising for Attorneys – Market Intel


As a researcher, one of the most common answers I get when I ask businesses how their customers find them is “word-of-mouth.” This is a strong belief and there is definitely truth to it. A lot of people do ask friends, family members, colleagues, other businesses, etc. for recommendations. However, most of those people willContinue Reading …

Google’s Keyword Planner Simplifies Keyword Research


Until recently, the AdWords interface had separate tools for keyword research and traffic estimation. This meant that research involved a cumbersome step of manually moving data between those tools to get a full picture. On May 20, Google announced the release of the Keyword Planner, which aims to mesh together the two tools into one.Continue Reading …

The Changing Landscape of Facebook Ads

Social Graph

The average Facebook user will occasionally log in to find out that the experience has changed, sometimes dramatically. Advertisers experience this as well, but at a more rapid pace. Right now Facebook is heading into a major design change that will completely rewrite the book for both groups, and you should be ready to takeContinue Reading …

Top 10 Ways to Fail with Google AdWords [Infographic]

Top 10 Ways to Fail with Google AdWords

The three main ingredients in a successful Google AdWords campaign are the landing page, the strategy and the content of the ad itself. We’ve talked about how to Build a Better Landing Page, and the infographic below addresses the campaign strategy with pointers for the actual ads. The folks at TechWyse put this together toContinue Reading …

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