Blogging and Battlestar Galactica


“Blogging” is a well known term these days, and continues to grow in popularity. A recent stat shows WordPress now runs 18.9% of the web, which is up 2.2% from last year (2012). Blogging has come a long way since the initial days of its conception. In February, at Dallas ComicCon in Dallas, Texas, threeContinue Reading …

Should I Use Tumblr for My Small Business Blog?

Should I Use Tumblr for My Small Business Blog?

Say you’re up to speed on what a business blog is and you’re interested in the ways your blog can bring you more business and decided to start your very own small business blog, then your next likely move is to pick a blog platform. Options abound, and among those getting more and more buzz lately is Tumblr. Tumblr is a free,Continue Reading …

Putting Your Blog on a Spam-Free Diet


If you’ve been blogging for more than four hours, then you’ve no doubt run into the annoying heartbreak of comment spam. You know the feeling. You get the notification that someone has commented on one of your posts. Excited that one of your visitors was willing to take the time and energy to respond toContinue Reading …

7 Things You Should Never Do on a Small Business Blog


Business blogs have become more ubiquitous than big hair in Texas. But just because everyone is blogging these days doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re doing it right. Whether you’re an old pro or a blogging newbie, it’s still all too easy to fall into some of these common blogging bloopers. All Promotion, All the TimeContinue Reading …

101 Ideas to Improve Your Business Blog

Free Blog Tips

A business blog is a great channel to allow your customers to keep in touch with what you are doing.  As you can tell, here at SuperMedia we love to blog.  We want you to keep up with digital best practices as well as provide something of value to improve your business.  Here’s a bigContinue Reading …

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