Joining Forces: Can Social Boost Search?

Integrated Social and Search Maketing

A recent report from Marin Software uncovered some interesting new data about the effects of cross-channel marketing. Search has long dominated the landscape of digital advertising, but social advertising has gained steam in recent years. Many companies are increasing their spend on both strategies in the coming year, but this report suggests that the efforts shouldn’tContinue Reading …

101 Ideas to Improve Your Business Blog

Free Blog Tips

A business blog is a great channel to allow your customers to keep in touch with what you are doing.  As you can tell, here at SuperMedia we love to blog.  We want you to keep up with digital best practices as well as provide something of value to improve your business.  Here’s a bigContinue Reading …

It Takes More Than a Facebook Page

Poster in Mexican restaurant reads, "Facebook? Don't forget to 'check in' visit our page"

My family and I went out for breakfast tacos this weekend. We had seen a big sign outside a local Mexican restaurant that exclaimed, “We have Breakfast Tacos,” so we thought we would try it out. What we didn’t know was that we were in for quite an experience in both offline and online marketing,Continue Reading …

Are Your Public Speaking Skills Helping Your Business?

Are Your Public Speaking Skills Helping Your Business?

Some people are born with the innate ability to persuade or inspire the masses simply by saying a few words. Others must spend countless hours practicing what they’ll say to achieve a fraction of the results. Regardless of whether you’re a natural public speaker or you could use some polish, your public speaking skills couldContinue Reading …

Do You Project the Best Image for Your Company?

Do You Project the Best Image for Your Company

When you work for a giant conglomerate, what you do in public is rarely a blip on the corporate PR radar. As someone running a smaller business, you may be the face of the company. The things you do and say, the way you act, how you treat people, they all can help potential customersContinue Reading …

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