Planning Your Marketing Budget for 2014

Marketing Budget Piechart Sample

There’s really only one reason for a business to advertise and spend money on marketing: and that is to get leads/customers. Depending on the kind of business you have, you may think of marketing as a way to establish relationships. Or if you’re involved in inbound marketing, you may think your main purpose is providingContinue Reading …

Are Office Supply Orders Killing Your Budget?

are office supply orders killing your budget?

When the budget runs tight at the end of the year, office supply orders are often the first expense to be cut. When the New Year begins and employees get the green light to begin ordering again, they may overspend on things they don’t need. While a few extra boxes of pens and sticky notes won’t breakContinue Reading …

Small Business Money Mistakes You Can Avoid

No one is born understanding the science of finance or the common sense of money management. Running a business isn’t the same as managing a checkbook, although there are some checkbook lessons that can certainly be useful. Being money savvy is about learning by the mistakes of others in time to avoid making the sameContinue Reading …

Coping With Rising Fuel Costs

If your business is on the move, and even if it’s not, rising gasoline prices can spell trouble. Mobile businesses are clearly feeling the heat, but almost any business will be impacted by hikes at the pump. Earlier this year, the United States Energy Information Administration projected that gasoline prices could exceed $4 per gallonContinue Reading …

5 Ways To Reduce Business Travel Expenses

Even though business travelers often enjoy reduced “business rates” on airfares and accommodations, business travel can still take a hefty toll on a company’s bottom line. Although more and more business is being conducted long distance, there are times when face-to-face meetings with clients, prospects, vendors and employees are necessary. Here are five ways toContinue Reading …

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