5 Minute Social Marketing

Social Media Marketing

No matter how busy you are, believe me when I say that you have time for social media marketing. The beauty of social campaigns is that they don’t have to be managed all in one go; you can knock certain parts out in quick little segments throughout the day. A few minutes here and thereContinue Reading …

Finding Social Media Content That Works


Maybe you’ve just gotten into social media for your business and you need to know where to begin. Maybe you’ve been running social campaigns for a while but have yet to see any results. Either way, you need to become intimately familiar with your audience to better engage with them, and you need to haveContinue Reading …

Is Content Still King?

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For the last few years, people in the digital marketing industry have been chanting “content is king” like a mantra. Heck, I bring it up so often in my blog posts that they’re in danger of becoming the basis of a new drinking game. There’s no doubt that the importance of content—or, more specifically, qualityContinue Reading …

5 Types of Facebook Posts For Local Businesses [Video]

5 Types of Facebook Posts for Local Businesses

When you’re in charge of the Facebook page for your business, the last thing you need is your fans becoming bored with repetitive posts. If you find yourself in a content rut, here are 5 types of posts you can consider writing: 1) Promote Specials or Sales 2) Showcase New Products 3) Support Fellow LocalContinue Reading …

Getting the Gestalt Principle

Creating an ad

Creating the perfect ad is a fundamentally imperfect practice. There’s no set of all-powerful guidelines that, when followed, will lead to unrivaled success. However, that’s not to say there aren’t some general principles that can point you in the right direction. Enter the Gestalt Principle. The Gestalt Principle states that “the human eye sees objectsContinue Reading …

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