Mobile Utility Marketing Makes Fans Out of Customers


Everyone knows that the internet is a great medium for any business to promote their products and services.  Within the realm of internet marketing are many tactics.  Email marketing, social media marketing, and search engine marketing come to mind.  A marketer understands the importance of creating an engaging message to capture the diminishing attention spanContinue Reading …

101 Tips to Improve Your Business with Analytics

101 Tips to Improve Your Business Analytics

Why Web Analytics? The task of marketing your company can be very complex.  Business owners must find the balance of promoting and attracting new customers while continuing to deliver on good products and services.  It is critical to every business to capture the data to analyze what customers are doing online with web analytics.  ToContinue Reading …

Is It Time To Give Up Customer Loyalty?

Is It Time To Give Up Customer Loyalty

Here’s how things stand from the small business customer relationship angle. We always try to remain loyal to our customers whatever happens. During these tough economic times, all of our customers are looking for the best prices they can get, anywhere they can. Businesses are cutthroating each other, and going out of business because ofContinue Reading …

How To Avoid Losing Customers

Let’s face it. Customers, even long-term customers, can be fickle. They want to save money, and that means they may leave your company to save money. You’re always looking to keep your customers happy, find new customers, and keep your business thriving, even in a tough economy. If you’re losing customers, or just afraid you’reContinue Reading …

How To Build Customer Loyalty The Old Fashioned Way

How To Build Customer Loyalty The Old Fashioned Way

Customer loyalty programs are a great way for many businesses to attract new customers and retain  existing ones. According to Jupiter Research, over 75 percent of American consumers surveyed said they carry at least one loyalty card. For some businesses, the decision is not whether to offer a customer loyalty program, but which type to offer.Continue Reading …

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