7 Tips for Lead Generation Forms That Generate Leads

Basecamp Web Form Featured Image

You attracted a potential client to your website with a special offer. Your next challenge is to get the newbie to fill out that form on your site with some personal info so your sales team can go after the lead. Here are seven tips for creating effective website lead generation forms, gathered from theContinue Reading …

7 Ways to Grow the RIGHT Kind of Traffic to Your Website

Increase Traffic to Your Website

It’s gratifying to see traffic numbers increase for your website, but unless those visitors are potential customers, the numbers aren’t helping you. How to be sure that the visitors to your site are potential customers? Here are the most important ways: 1. Speak to Your Audience’s Needs Do you know what your potential customers areContinue Reading …

More Details on Mobile SEM

Phone ads

In one of my previous posts, I briefly touched on the concept of advertising specifically to mobile users. Given the current and expanding market penetration for smartphones, I’d like to go into a little more detail on how that works. Reaching this audience could be crucial to succeeding with your online ad campaigns, especially ifContinue Reading …

Leads are Like Votes: 6 Tips on Winning


Election season reminds us how business is like politics. How, you ask? Know Who Your Opponents Are When competing for votes in a digital world, your competition may not be whom you think. Go to Google and type in your main service plus your main service area. For example, “plumber Dallas”. The businesses who showContinue Reading …

What is a Landing Page and Does My Website Need It?

Get leads from your online ads with great landing pages

What is a landing page? If you have any kind of advertising that directs people to your small business website for any reason, the landing page is the specific page on your site that you are pointing to. Right now you may be sending everyone to your home page, and many companies do, but isContinue Reading …

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