Planning Your Marketing Budget for 2014

Marketing Budget Piechart Sample

There’s really only one reason for a business to advertise and spend money on marketing: and that is to get leads/customers. Depending on the kind of business you have, you may think of marketing as a way to establish relationships. Or if you’re involved in inbound marketing, you may think your main purpose is providingContinue Reading …

Google’s Keyword Planner Simplifies Keyword Research


Until recently, the AdWords interface had separate tools for keyword research and traffic estimation. This meant that research involved a cumbersome step of manually moving data between those tools to get a full picture. On May 20, Google announced the release of the Keyword Planner, which aims to mesh together the two tools into one.Continue Reading …

Getting the Gestalt Principle

Creating an ad

Creating the perfect ad is a fundamentally imperfect practice. There’s no set of all-powerful guidelines that, when followed, will lead to unrivaled success. However, that’s not to say there aren’t some general principles that can point you in the right direction. Enter the Gestalt Principle. The Gestalt Principle states that “the human eye sees objectsContinue Reading …

7 Small Business Website Tips for 2013

Website Tips

There are a lot of factors to consider when building a great small business website.  Fortunately, here at SuperMedia, we have a team of experts that can take ideas from concept to production with aplomb.  Below are some of our subject matter experts sharing what they feel is the single most important tip when creatingContinue Reading …

Long Tail Keywords – How People Are Finding Your Website

Long-Tail SEO

So what is a long tail keyword?  The State of Search defines a long tail keyword phrase as having 2 properties that I feel sum it up well.  1) It has to be fairly long, at least 3 words and 2) have a low volume of search requests. Long tail keyword terms rarely make theContinue Reading …

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