Bid Adjustment Strategies for AdWords Enhanced Campaigns


The big changeover has come and gone, and everyone’s AdWords account should now be fully converted to the new enhanced campaign system. There was so much concern over the shift into the mobile ad space that you may have forgotten one of the most important features available to you: bid adjustments. In a prior post,Continue Reading …

Why Your Mobile Marketing Sucks

A Plethora of Mobile Traffic!

I’m borrowing the title theme of Your Marketing Sucks by Mark Stevens, which is a great read and highly recommended, but it won’t tell you about your mobile marketing efforts sucking, which I’m about to hate on right now.  Alright, so you’re starting to feel good about your marketing efforts for your small business, you’veContinue Reading …

Google Enhanced Campaigns: Combine and Conquer

Mobile Phone

In my last post, More Details on Mobile SEM, I explained how to set up a Google campaign that specifically targets mobile users. A few weeks ago Google introduced Enhanced Campaigns, a complete overhaul to that system. The rollover for existing campaigns will start on July 22. This will drastically change the way advertisers target mobileContinue Reading …

Hands On with the Foursquare for Business App

Foursquare for Business Featured Image

Foursquare’s new Business venue management app has finally made the idea of using Foursquare for business more approachable. This is huge! The Foursquare team has solved a key bottleneck in Foursquare venue management by allowing managers to post via mobile; a process that was extremely cumbersome before this app. In what is essentially the most powerful feature of theContinue Reading …

Small Businesses Mobilize [Infographic]

Small Businesses Mobilize

The key to reaching as many of your customer as possible is ensuring that they can find you.  Today many consumers are on the go searching on their mobile device.  Do you have a mobile version of your website?  Have you checked out how your website looks on your smartphone? Intuit recently released a great infographic about mobilizing your smallContinue Reading …

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