Want More Business? Ask For Sales

want more business ask for sales

Banking is an industry that has one simple revenue-increasing concept down to a science. They want the business and they will ask for sales – basically every time they see you. Need to deposit a check? They’ll sell you direct deposit. Want to make a withdrawal? They’d like to sell you a debit card. ItContinue Reading …

Selling Value Instead Of Cost

selling value instead of cost

If you start talking cost of your product or service too early in your sales discussion, you may lose the sale before it’s begun. That’s because you need to uncover your prospect’s problem and determine how your product can help them solve it before you ever start to haggle about the price of your product.Continue Reading …

Are You Ready To Take Your Sales To The Next Level?

are you ready to take your sales to the next level

One of the easiest ways to improve your sales is to improve your customer service. You may not realize it, but your customers may not be receiving the best customer service, and it may be happening right underneath your own nose. If your customers aren’t happy, they won’t be coming back, and that can hurtContinue Reading …

Successful Sales Call Planning

You can play the sales game a lot of ways. You can even specialize in the “exploratory surgery” style of selling, which relies on luck and quick thinking over in depth research. If this is your preferred plan of attack, sooner or later — probably sooner — you’ll be confronted with a sales misfire thatContinue Reading …

Why Buyers Delay Buying

Why Buyers Delay Buying

Sure, there are some times when a buyer can’t make a decision. However, there are plenty of other times when the buyer is simply trying to delay making a decision to get a better deal. This is especially true of those professional buyers who work with plenty of salespeople all the time. Why would theyContinue Reading …

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