Is Content Still King?

king me

For the last few years, people in the digital marketing industry have been chanting “content is king” like a mantra. Heck, I bring it up so often in my blog posts that they’re in danger of becoming the basis of a new drinking game. There’s no doubt that the importance of content—or, more specifically, qualityContinue Reading …

You CAN’T Be #1 in Google

#1 in Google

Okay, maybe you can be #1 in Google for certain search terms in certain environments, but it’s time for a reality check. You get email solicitations and phone calls by so-called “SEO experts” claiming that they will be able to get you to be “#1 in Google”. So, can you be #1 in Google orContinue Reading …

Google’s Ever-Expanding Ads: Can SEO Keep Up?

Pushing boundaries

Google is always trying to bring new enhancements to their search results page ads, but many of their recent offerings have something interesting in common: real estate. For the longest time your space was limited to three lines of text and a display URL. Then came location extensions. Then came sitelinks. Product listing ads, phoneContinue Reading …

How to Do Basic Keyword Research

How to Do Basic Keyword Research

There’s no point writing about stuff on your website or business blog if no one is looking for any information on it. Right? So how do you know what people are interested in reading about? How do you know what you should be writing? Take a little time to do some keyword research. Google willContinue Reading …

Big Brands, Local Marketing & Google+

Big Brands, Local Marketing & Google+

An interesting article by Danny Sullivan came out a couple of weeks ago on Marketing Land, entitled “Sorry, Google+ Users, Those Super Bowl Hashtags Really Were For Twitter“. The premise of the article is that the hashtags on SuperBowl commercials were for Twitter and not for Google+. The methodology for the study was to examineContinue Reading …

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