Just One Thing

Just One Thing

Recently I received a coupon in the mail from the local franchise of a national tire and lube chain offering me a “free brake inspection”. My wife had said that the brakes had been squeaking a little bit, so I thought I would take the vehicle in for an oil change and take advantage ofContinue Reading …

Should I Use Tumblr for My Small Business Blog?

Should I Use Tumblr for My Small Business Blog?

Say you’re up to speed on what a business blog is and you’re interested in the ways your blog can bring you more business and decided to start your very own small business blog, then your next likely move is to pick a blog platform. Options abound, and among those getting more and more buzz lately is Tumblr. Tumblr is a free,Continue Reading …

Don’t Be Scared of Social Media — Take Control

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Small businesses I have worked with are often fearful when it comes to creating social media accounts. I believe the fear comes from three places: the thought of getting bad reviews, the perceived lack of control over those reviews, and the poor company reputation associated with those reviews. This guarded position with social networking sitesContinue Reading …

What is Google Plus?

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This is the first post in a short series about Google+ (or Google Plus) for small and medium businesses. In these few articles, I’ll go over what Google+ is and why it is important for small and medium businesses to set up a Google+ account. I’ll also talk about how to set up a Google+Continue Reading …

5 Great Examples of Small Businesses Using Pinterest

Restoraid Remodeling

Are you considering expanding your company’s social media presence over to Pinterest? If you are, then check out the local companies below and use them as inspiration to build your business’s Pinterest account. These local businesses are doing an outstanding job of positioning their companies within Pinterest’s image-rich environment. They all feature great images ofContinue Reading …

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