One Small Business’s Approach to Social Media — with Impressive Results

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Out of Print has a unique product and a unique approach to social media. The New York-based retail company takes the covers of the world’s most beloved books and puts them on T-shirts, phone cases and more. Their products are online and available wholesale, and for every item sold, they donate one book to a community inContinue Reading …

Double Your Pinterest Followers in Just 5 Minutes a Day? [Infographic]

Double Your Pinterest Followers

Doubling your Pinterest followers — or any followers — is no small feat. So, in my opinion, the jury is still out on whether it can be done in five minutes, as this infographic promises. But that doesn’t change the fact that this is one of the most thorough, helpful infographics I’ve ever seen aboutContinue Reading …

The Evolution of Customer Service [Infographic]

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Just like the rest of the world, customer service has been changing with the evolution of technology. First came the advent of reaching customer service departments through email, then chat, and now social media. This infographic from the customer service specialists at Parature breaks down the evolution of customer service from 1996 to present day,Continue Reading …

5 Minute Social Marketing

Social Media Marketing

No matter how busy you are, believe me when I say that you have time for social media marketing. The beauty of social campaigns is that they don’t have to be managed all in one go; you can knock certain parts out in quick little segments throughout the day. A few minutes here and thereContinue Reading …

Finding Social Media Content That Works


Maybe you’ve just gotten into social media for your business and you need to know where to begin. Maybe you’ve been running social campaigns for a while but have yet to see any results. Either way, you need to become intimately familiar with your audience to better engage with them, and you need to haveContinue Reading …

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