How Not To Host Customer Holiday Parties

how not to host customer holiday parties

Once your company reaches a certain size and you begin to deepen your client relationships, hosting a party around the holidays may seem like a good idea. In truth, a well-planned party can show your clients how much you appreciate their business and look forward to continuing the relationship. When done right, customer holiday partiesContinue Reading …

Volunteering As A Team Building Exercise


As the holidays draw near, there are no shortage of charities and other organizations in need of volunteers. If you have a little free time, it’s always a rewarding experience to share your time and talents with those in need. Of course, if you can spare some of your employees, volunteering as a team buildingContinue Reading …

The Secret To Coaching Dynamic Teams

Some teams make it a pleasure to leap out of bed and start the workweek each Monday morning. Operations run like a well-oiled machine and your sales team stays busy and makes the sales happen. On the surface, it would seem as though there’s little left to do in the way of coaching. But beneathContinue Reading …

Is Playing Favorites Killing Office Morale?

Do you have that one person in your office who goes out of their way to get the job done right for the customer without ever losing their smile? These are the employees we all love to work with because of their work ethic and great attitude. The problem with these employees is that theyContinue Reading …

Should You Let Employees Work From Home?

The virtual workplace has opened doors never before thought possible for workers and business owners alike by increasing opportunities. Of course, with every office innovation comes its own set of challenges. If you’re thinking of letting your employees work from home, it’s important to first analyze the key areas of feasibility, management and productivity. WorkContinue Reading …

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