You CAN’T Be #1 in Google

#1 in Google

Okay, maybe you can be #1 in Google for certain search terms in certain environments, but it’s time for a reality check. You get email solicitations and phone calls by so-called “SEO experts” claiming that they will be able to get you to be “#1 in Google”. So, can you be #1 in Google orContinue Reading …

Long Tail Keywords – How People Are Finding Your Website

Long-Tail SEO

So what is a long tail keyword?  The State of Search defines a long tail keyword phrase as having 2 properties that I feel sum it up well.  1) It has to be fairly long, at least 3 words and 2) have a low volume of search requests. Long tail keyword terms rarely make theContinue Reading …

8 Tips to Help Error-Proof Your Website Writing

Editing and Proofreading Tips

As a business owner, you want the content on your website to be as unique and captivating as the design. Visitors generally come looking for a solution to a problem, so it’s very important that you grab their attention and provide the info they’re looking for. In order to do this, your website needs toContinue Reading …

Web Analytics Tips for Beginners

Web Analytics

In this day and age, every small business should have a website. If you don’t have a website, check out our post on some awesome tips that every small business website needs. Once you have a website in place, make sure you have a way to measure and track how your clients are interacting onContinue Reading …

Ask The Expert Video: WordPress for Beginners

Ask The Expert: WordPress for Beginners

In this week’s Ask The Expert, Jonathan Jeter shares some tips for small businesses wanting to create a website or blog in WordPress. Have any questions of your own for our subject matter experts? Just ask us in the comments!

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