Whether it’s free or paid, advertising your business is a strategic part of your overall marketing plan. These blog posts by our subject matter experts touch on what’s happening in local advertising. Mobile, print, online, radio, TV, direct mail, email, offers… how are you using these types of advertising?

Follow-Up: Facebook Ad Audience Targeting


In February, I wrote a post titled “Updates Coming to Facebook Ad Audience Targeting” that covered updates to the location and demographic options in the Facebook ad interface. At the time, I still didn’t have the full picture of what Facebook would be providing in these updates. The updates have arrived, so now I’ll fillContinue Reading …

The Best and Worst Times to Send Your Emails [Infographic]

email marketing 1

What’s the best time of day to send a marketing email? The fine folks at Pure360 have examined the patterns of consumer responses to email marketing messages throughout the work day, and compiled their findings in this snazzy infographic. Some interesting takeaways: The “best” time to send depends entirely on what it is you’re promoting.Continue Reading …

STOP and READ: Before you Remove or Disavow Links

No Thank You

Some of our clients have contacted us recently because a consultant, or webmaster, or SEO advisor, or automated link-checker has told them that links from our directory at are somehow problematic. They are being told that these links are “spam” or that they are being used by us to somehow benefit our own websiteContinue Reading …

Simple A/B Testing to Rev Up Your Email Marketing

A B Blocks

Two Big Truths of online marketing are 1) small changes, like changing a green button to red, can increase clicks by users, sometimes by a lot…and 2) nobody can reliably predict which small changes will produce big results. So smart online marketers are constantly testing tweaks to their email messages. You should too, and it’sContinue Reading …

Facebook Ad Sets: Joining the Herd


Search engine marketers have long struggled with the question of how best to organize their ads. Google and Bing allow advertisers to organize their ads into a three-tiered structure (ads organized into ad groups, ad groups organized into campaigns). This structure has been the standard for quite some time now, and it seems that FacebookContinue Reading …

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