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Blogs, whitepapers, videos, photos, infographics – whatever kind of content you are creating, publishing and sharing online can attract potential customers. In traditional advertising you interrupt the consumer to deliver a message; with content marketing the consumer comes to you.

Quick Content Marketing

Quick Content Marketing

Content Marketing. You hear a lot about how you need to have good, relevant content on your website. You need to make sure that it’s up to date and that you are continually adding new content in a timely way. You hear that you need to write 500 words a day and have a regularContinue Reading …

Why Your Customers Don’t Read Your Marketing Emails

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Because the subject lines on your messages aren’t motivating customers to click the darn messages to open them, that’s why!  So let’s hold a little Email Subject Line Boot Camp right here and now. First, the Testing Disclaimer: No subject line idea is guaranteed to work for your business unless you test it. Testing oneContinue Reading …

Simple A/B Testing to Rev Up Your Email Marketing

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Two Big Truths of online marketing are 1) small changes, like changing a green button to red, can increase clicks by users, sometimes by a lot…and 2) nobody can reliably predict which small changes will produce big results. So smart online marketers are constantly testing tweaks to their email messages. You should too, and it’sContinue Reading …

Don’t Spend Your Time Worrying about Google Search Results


As a small business owner, you probably get 100 emails a week from SEO specialists telling you that your ticket to untold riches will only come if you are ranked number 1 in Google search results.  While there is some value to that, it is far from the be-all and end-all of your digital marketingContinue Reading …

Small Businesses, Google Has a Hummingbird, and It’s Kind of a Big Deal!


In case you didn’t know, Google has turned 15 years old this past week. They celebrated in the garage of the house where Google was born.  During this celebration, they also announced their new algorithm, “Hummingbird”.  Google hasn’t had a major new algorithm change in over 10 years.  Pandas and Penguins were always additions, amendments,Continue Reading …

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