Mobile websites, mobile advertising, mobile search, mobile consumer engagement—it’s not the future of marketing… it’s the present. The dynamic nature of mobile and the proliferation of smart phones and tablets have forever changed the way consumers search for and engage with businesses. What are you doing to make your business mobile friendly?

The Mobile Marketing Landscape for 2014 [Infographic]


57 percent of users won’t recommend companies with poor mobile websites. This is according to a new infographic from WebDAM that shows where mobile marketing is heading. There were some interesting statistics that I found in this infographic. 52 percent of users have an Android operating system, but Apple is still the most popular smartphoneContinue Reading …

Mobile – How to Get Started

Responsive Design for Websites

Mobile – its the next huge thing! Mobile – you should already be doing it! Mobile – if you are not doing it already, you are late! Mobile – its where your customers/clients are! Mobile – it is search. We know, we heard, we should all be doing mobile. Awesome. What does that mean? SomeContinue Reading …

Social, Local, Mobile Commerce

Advertising Potential by Media

The latest buzzword in online marketing is SoLoMoCo (adding the “Co”, because SoLoMo is so 2012) and while it’s a mouthful (and also a company in France), it can help remind you that the focus of your Internet Marketing strategy should include Social, Local, and Mobile Commerce as part of your website strategy. It’s good to remember thatContinue Reading …

2013 Holiday Sales: More Shopping, Less Spending


The Thanksgiving weekend retail sales results are in and it looks like Americans are in the mood to shop this holiday season – if the price is right. And 2013 is also shaping up as the break-out year for shopping by mobile phone.  Here are some highlights of the early returns: More than 141 millionContinue Reading …

Give Your Email Marketing Campaigns a Mobile Makeover

Mobile Email Message Courtesy MailChimp

Those beautiful email messages you send to clients with all the lovely product shots and colorful “order now!” buttons? Take a look at them on a mobile phone. If they’re squished down to tiny print, with the images flowing off the screen and buttons sized for baby fingers then your email marketing needs a mobileContinue Reading …

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