How To Track Your Twitter Ad Conversions


A key component to any successful advertising campaign is conversion tracking. Without that integral piece, you’ll be running ads on hope and luck. That’s a sure way to waste your money and time, so you’ll want to explore every conversion tracking opportunity you have when running online ads. Until recently, the Twitter ad platform didn’tContinue Reading …

Are Your Ads Viewable?

Viewable CPM Setting

Last Thursday, Google announced that they’re offering another new feature for display advertisers. In addition to the recent “Display Select” option they’re now offering the opportunity to bid on display ads based on how “viewable” they are. This is another admission by Google that there are plenty of improvements to be made to their extendedContinue Reading …

Click-To-Call Conversions in AdWords

Phone Calls

For the past several years, Google has been working to create a more robust click-to-call solution for mobile advertisers. Google Voice gave them the opportunity to generate call tracking numbers for advertisers, which meant they could provide useful data to advertisers and charge for phone calls. Now they’ve taken the next logical step and integratedContinue Reading …

A Better Selection for Google Display Ads?

Your Ad Here

A few weeks ago Google unveiled yet another AdWords change for advertisers to consider. Until November 4, advertisers had the option of running ads on the Search network, the Display network, or both. It’s been the accepted wisdom for quite some time that you should create a wall in your accounts. Search campaigns on oneContinue Reading …

Ad Rank Changes: Extensions for Success

Ad Extensions

While our friends in the SEO community are dealing with the ramifications of Hummingbird, Google decided to make the SEM managers sweat a little as well. A recent post on the AdWords blog discussed a number of improvements Google will be making to their Ad Rank calculations. The update seems to be focused on the impactContinue Reading …

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