SEO in 2014: Semantics, Semantics, Semantics


se·man·tic səˈmantik adjective 1. relating to meaning in language or logic. What is Semantic SEO… The high-level concept of semantic SEO is optimizing your websites for “things, not strings” as Google’s head of web spam, Matt Cutts once said. This would mean to think of your page as an entity or theme, and not a setContinue Reading …

Get Your Own Google+ Custom URL

Custom Google+ URL

While Google has been allowing some businesses to claim their own custom Google+ URLs (web addresses) for some time, they have recently opened up the option to a larger group. If your personal or Google+ Local page for your business qualifies for a custom URL, you will see a notification on your page if youContinue Reading …

Are Backlinks Bad Links?

website backlinks search

If you have hired an SEO company that has promised to make your local business website “#1 in Google”, they may have used some unethical or “black hat” tactics to improve your site’s ranking. Google is constantly updating their algorithm to penalize sites that try to inflate their rankings by buying links and your siteContinue Reading …

Small Businesses, Google Has a Hummingbird, and It’s Kind of a Big Deal!


In case you didn’t know, Google has turned 15 years old this past week. They celebrated in the garage of the house where Google was born.  During this celebration, they also announced their new algorithm, “Hummingbird”.  Google hasn’t had a major new algorithm change in over 10 years.  Pandas and Penguins were always additions, amendments,Continue Reading …

Is Content Still King?

king me

For the last few years, people in the digital marketing industry have been chanting “content is king” like a mantra. Heck, I bring it up so often in my blog posts that they’re in danger of becoming the basis of a new drinking game. There’s no doubt that the importance of content—or, more specifically, qualityContinue Reading …

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