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Online and offline, businesses today face so many challenges when it comes to being effective and successful. It’s not just about marketing or advertising—it’s also about running your business, dealing with employees, dealing with taxes and government regulations, working with vendors and contractors and so much more.

Guide to Customer Relationship Management Software for Small Business

Nimble CRM Software Screenshot Montage

Customer relationship management software, CRM software, sales force automation software, leads management software, contact management software, channel management software. Many names, many vendors but bottom line these tools should help you organize your sales operation so you miss fewer sales opportunities and close more deals – without driving you to the vendor’s help desk.  WeContinue Reading …

April Fools’ Day pranks today

April Fools' Day Business Pranks

April Fools’ Day is sometimes called All Fools’ Day and has been recognized and celebrated since the Middle Ages (or possibly earlier). In honor of April Fools’ day, we have rounded up some of the most clever pranks we’ve seen today. Cheeteau from Frito LayFrito Lay announced that they were launching a new “limited-edition fragranceContinue Reading …

STOP and READ: Before you Remove or Disavow Links

No Thank You

Some of our clients have contacted us recently because a consultant, or webmaster, or SEO advisor, or automated link-checker has told them that links from our directory at are somehow problematic. They are being told that these links are “spam” or that they are being used by us to somehow benefit our own websiteContinue Reading …

Tips for Improving Your Business Instagram Efforts


Instagram continues to be a strong social network that many businesses are using in their social media marketing efforts. Whether you have thousands of followers or just a few it’s still important to make sure you have a strategy when it comes to Instagram. Here are some tips for boosting your business’s Instagram efforts andContinue Reading …

Fun in the Sun with Online Menu Search [Infographic]

Online Menu Search

The recent changeover to Daylight Saving Time and the onset of warmer, sunny weather leads many of us to seek out our favorite patio restaurants, and maybe even a margarita or two – here in Texas, at least. SinglePlatform’s infographic, “Fun in the Sun with Online Menu Search” suggests most online menu searches take placeContinue Reading …

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