Mystery of Website Forms


Mad Libs A few years ago, a new style of form hit the streets that emulated Mad Libs. Instead of stacking input fields like boxes on top of one another, the Mad Libs form provided sentences and invited users to fill in the blanks. Many folks found this new setup more friendly and engaging, whichContinue Reading …

Learn the Lingo – What Is CSS?


In the first Learn the Lingo series, we discussed HTML, which is the basic structure of a website with content and special tags. Next, we discussed JavaScript, which adds basic or complex functionality to a website. This time, we’ll be concluding the series (and completing the website building experience) by discussing CSS.  What Is CSS?Continue Reading …

Website Load Time and The Need for Speed [Infographic]

How Loading Time Affects Your Bottom Line

The world wide web is vast and made up of millions of websites. If you have ever bought anything online, you have seen it, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Lets not forget the slow. As a business owner you wouldn’t want to keep your customers waiting for a service or product because that’sContinue Reading …

Learn the Lingo – What Is HTML?


As a business owner, it is important to understand the basics of marketing your business online. This series gives a brief overview of web design to show what’s under the hood of your website. Let’s continue the series on learning the lingo. This post will discuss what HTML is and how it’s used. What IsContinue Reading …

Long Tail Keywords – How People Are Finding Your Website

Long-Tail SEO

So what is a long tail keyword?  The State of Search defines a long tail keyword phrase as having 2 properties that I feel sum it up well.  1) It has to be fairly long, at least 3 words and 2) have a low volume of search requests. Long tail keyword terms rarely make theContinue Reading …

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