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There’s a lot more to having a website than just publishing some information online about what your company does. Learn from our experts how you can improve your website, how to avoid mistakes and search engine penalties, and all the aspects of having and maintaining your business website.

Don’t Think Your Business Needs a Website?

Small Business Basic Website

I had a conversation this weekend with some friends who are starting a new business. They’re young and hip, totally digital and socially savvy, but they didn’t think their new business needed a website. It’s a service business, and their leads are all word-of-mouth. They have signage on their vehicles, and they hand out businessContinue Reading …

7 Tips for Lead Generation Forms That Generate Leads

Basecamp Web Form Featured Image

You attracted a potential client to your website with a special offer. Your next challenge is to get the newbie to fill out that form on your site with some personal info so your sales team can go after the lead. Here are seven tips for creating effective website lead generation forms, gathered from theContinue Reading …

5 Ways to Improve Your Online Marketing in 2014

2014 Ahead

I am frequently approached by friends and acquaintances that want me to look at their website and tell them what’s wrong with it. They want to know why they’re not getting more visitors to their site. After looking at many small business websites, I can usually come up with one main critique, which is thatContinue Reading …

Computer Science Education Week

hour of code

Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) is an annual program focused on inspiring students to take an interest in computer science. During its run this year (December 9-15), students all over the world were invited to try computer science through an Hour of Code. This event reached 10 million students in 170 countries, exposing them to programmingContinue Reading …

What Google is Looking for in 2014

Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird

As you’re contemplating the performance of your website in 2013, you probably know that Google’s many updates throughout the year had a huge impact on many business websites. Understanding what they were targeting in 2013 will help you plan your website strategy for 2014. No One Likes Low Quality For some years now, Google hasContinue Reading …

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