Superpages App 5.0 Rolls Out New Look, New Features, New Platforms

With version 5.0, the Superpages Local Search app has been given a whole new look and feel. Yes, the navigation wheel is still in place, along with all of the other local search and discovery features you’ve come to love. But Superpages has streamlined the design and enhanced it with images to make searching more intuitive and give users a richer, deeper experience.

Introducing the Personal Dashboard

But 5.0 is more than just a pretty interface. The new sliding dashboard, accessible from any screen within the app, makes navigation a snap. Now you can search for businesses, people, gas prices, and special offers with just a flick of your finger. You can also easily access your personal account to keep track of your favorite businesses, people, and categories, as well as all of your reviews.

A True Cross-Platform Experience

With this latest version, the Superpages Local Search app has been responsively designed and optimized to run on a wider variety of platforms than ever before. The app can be downloaded for free for mobile iOS devices (iPhones, iPad, and iPod Touch), Android devices (phones and Kindle Fire tablets), and Windows devices (phones and tablets, including Surface).

Superpages App 5.0 Cross Platform

New Discovery Mode, Crowd-Sourcing, and More

Superpages Local Search 5.0 introduces a number of innovative new features, including:

  • Search by Offers: When searching for local businesses, you now have the option to sort your results to display any special offers or coupons in your area.
  • Crowd-Sourcing Data: The app will periodically spot-check with users to verify that the information provided is correct. With so many eyes on our work, you can be sure your results will be accurate.
  • Multiple Location Settings: No need to keep entering the same search info over and over. Now you can lock in multiple locations (such as home, work, or frequently visited cities) and save them for future searches.

With its new look and amazing new features, Superpages Local Search 5.0 is more than just a yellow pages app. It’s the next stage of local search evolution!

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